Retail and Office


Office Space that inspires imagination

The unique office design defies traditional space arrangement and provides a creative and imaginative work environment as well.
[Lobby]:Museum Style, full-bodied artistic atmosphere
[Escalator]:Equipped with adequate quantity and fast connection to different areas
[Elevator Hall]:Feels like stepping into the future
[Office]:Open and spacious units


Boutique and Specialty retail shops

The retail of SOHO Fuxing Plaza aims to be boutique and specialty oriented. Target brands are stylish and popular restaurants, cafes, bars, entertainment services and brand experience shops, etc, which are scattered over the ‘LI LONG’ style retail space to bring a different experience and traditional Shanghai culture.

Green office experience

Green office experience

Our Vision:
As the first real-estate developer devoted to PM2.5 air purification in China, we make efforts to clean interior air in all our properties, and to make sure the PM2.5 value is lower than the national standard.
Purification Principle:
Via the pumping and pipelines of fresh air handling units, outdoor air is cleaned and then sent into each room. The air-handling units use a 3-layer filter system as a primary filter to remove large particles, a secondary filter to get rid of small particles and finally, a tertiary filter with high voltage static to catch even smaller particles. The 3-layer filters are all installed in the air handling units, and help to purify PM2.5 up to 90%.

Gold LEED Certification offices

More fresh air than required by the national standard making for a and more efficient work environment.
Effective high voltage static filter to purify the interior air up to 90%.
Enviromentally friendly material with lower VOC for a more healthy workspace.
Energy-efficient curtain walls create a comfortable indoor temperature.
Use ice-storage system to avoid peak hours, power-saving
Energy metering by unit to save electricity, equipped with intelligent pre-pay system.
Water-saving and recycling equipment , dual water supply.
Public transportation with multiple options, adequate bicycle parking spaces promote green travel.

Sales & Leasing


SOHO Fuxing Plaza

Fuxing Road near Madang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai