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Special ‘Shanghai LI LONG’ design experience

According to traditional ‘Shanghai LI LONG’ style, unique lane spaces are featured in SOHO Fuxing Plaza. As a mix of tradition and modern, the project restores authentic Shanghai architecture and culture.

- Flexible space arrangement to meet different needs.
- Entrance with pleasant water feature and fast connection to subway.
- Close to nature, featuring garden terrace and air loft space.
- Street-side shops provide for all daily needs.
- 2000 SQ.M outdoor space for a relaxing life after work.
- 200 SQ.M outdoor Parent-child space to provide better work-life balance

A reflection of traditional Shanghai-style culture

Outdoor decks shaded by sycamore trees for close to nature experience
Facilitates creativity and better communication

Inspired by Shanghai culture, the designer injects some traditional and local elements into the landscape, creating a more relaxing space for communication. Meanwhile, some outdoor shaded decks provide a natural space for office people, which encourages creativity

Created by global design team cooperation

[Architecture Design]
GMP, German
作品:Projects: National Museum of China, Shanghai Oriental Sports Center
[Interior Design /Landscape]
AIM, Dutch
Projects: Interior Design and Landscape of SOHO Century Plaza

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SOHO Fuxing Plaza

Fuxing Road near Madang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai